Glass-glass modules 60 mono



                  Glass-glass module

Top module with best performance

Thanks to their modern design hershey-power glass-glass modules deliver the highest long-term yields. They are robust and resilient, yet just as light as their glass-foil predecessors.

The high-performance PERC solar cells are embedded almost inde- structibly in the glass-glass composite and thus optimally protected against all weather effects and mechanical stress. Hershey power can therefore offer a 30-year warranty on performance and product quality.

The Hershey-power Full Coverage insurance is included for 5 years and free of charge. It insures almost all risks and takes effect even if the modules do not produce electricity or deliver less than expected in the event of damage.



Product Quality

• ammonia resistant

• intensive hailstorm resistant

• salt mist resistant

• 100 % plus-sorting

     • 100 % PID protected

    • snow-load warranty